Cammus C5 Direct Drive Steering Wheel + CP5 Pedals Bundle


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Cammus C5 直驅二合一方向盤 + CP5雙腳踏套裝

  • 雙腳踏 + 方向盤組合
  • 全球首創免基座(Wheel Base)方向盤, 免卻不少組裝煩惱
  • 5Nm扭矩直驅設計(Direct Drive)
  • 鋁合金方向盤 及 外層皮革手工縫製
  • 3個旋轉鈕, 12個可編程按鈕
  • 換擋提示燈

*此產品需搭配桌面支架(Table Clamp)使用

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    The first ever global Direct Drive Steering Wheel! 

    • 5N.M Direct Drive Wheel – this unique and first ever wheel has its motor built into the rim of the wheel!
    • With a 280mm diameter and only a 67mm thick wheel, the C5 is sleek to use for all sorts of racing.
    • 3 rotary knobs, 8 buttons and 12 programmable push buttons

    The Cammus Racing CP5 Pedals are engineered with precision and attention to detail. Each pedal, including the accelerator, brake, and clutch, offers a responsive and realistic feel, allowing you to modulate your inputs with utmost accuracy. The pedals feature adjustable tension, enabling you to customize the pedal feel according to your preferences and driving style.

    C5 base packing list:

    Model Material name Product specification Usage amount
    C5 C5 Finished product 1
    MIX6-base T-bracket Processing according to the drawing (left and right) 2
    Hexagon socket head screw M6*12 / 304 black 4
    Cooling fan (turbo blower) 6015 / 24v, 3-wire speed control, connector XH2.54-3P 1
    Fan screw M3*16 , combination screw/cross head black 2
    Power Adapter 19V / 7.35A square port (two pins) 1
    Power cable 2M 1
    Square port USB cable 2M 1
    Phillips screwdriver 3*75 cross 1
    Allen wrench 4mm 1
    MIX6 packing box Processing according to the drawing 1
    Logistics box 1


    Model Material name Product specification Usage amount
    C5-shaft ferrule CP5-0106 4
    C5-grooved shaft CP5-0107 2
    C5-T type shaft sleeve CP5-0108 4
    C5-Travel limit rod CP5-0010 2
    C5-Base support plate CP5-0101 1
    C5-Palm rest CP5-0102 2
    C5-Pedal base CP5-0103 2
    C5-Pedal Palm CP5-0104 2
    C5-Magnet patch CP5-0105 2
    C5-PCB shell CP5-0111 1
    C5-torsion spring CP5-0012 2
    Countersunk head bolt M4*10 4
    Countersunk head bolt M3*6 8
    Countersunk head tapping screw M3*10 4
    Combination bolt M3*6 4
    Kimi Bolt M3*3 4
    Spring pin 6*45(diameter*length) 2
    Retaining ring M6 8
    Thin nut M6-3mm (thickness) 2
    Double pass hexagonal copper column M3*8 4
    Rubber sleeve M4 4
    Non-slip rubber mat 4.3mm thick, 40 wide 2
    Light guide post LDT3.0*4.5mm 1
    Cylindrical magnet 4*4(diameter*height) 2
    manual CP5 pedal 1
    Square print line USB square port printing line 2M 1
    Packing box 1

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