Cammus LC100 Pedals


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Cammus LC100 三腳踏

  • 高精度傳感器
  • 角度、行程、力度均可調整
  • 最高100kg Brake Loading
  • 全鋼製CNC工藝

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    CAMMUS LC100 pedals

    • Adjustable pedal throw and stiffness.
    • 100kg brake load cell sensor.
    • Throttle/Clutch hall effect sensors.
    • Steel pedal arm construction.

    Introducing the Cammus Racing Simulator Pedals with Clutch, a revolutionary accessory that brings the authentic feel of a manual transmission to your virtual racing experience. Manufactured by Cammus, a trusted name in the industry, these pedals are meticulously designed to provide unparalleled control, responsiveness, and immersion.

    LC100 pedals packing list:

    Model Material name Product specification Usage amount
    LC100 Pedal LC100 pedal finished product 1
    Tin wrench  10-13 1
    Disposable Allen Wrench H5 1
    Disposable Allen Wrench H6 1
    Black cylinder head bolts M8*25 4
    Locknut M8 4
    304 stainless steel cylinder head bolts M6*16 12
    Nylon Locknut M6 12
    6P flat telephone line (black) 2M 1
    Square print line USB square port printing line 2M 1
    Manual LC100 pedal 1
    Packing box 1

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