Cammus GTS Direct Drive Steering Wheel


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Cammus GTS 直驅向盤

  • GT/Open Wheel式方向盤
  • CNC鋁合金打造

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    CAMMUS GTS steering wheel ( with a quick release)

    Size : 280MM

    (1) GT/Open wheel design.

    (2) Hub includes 2 adjustable carbon fiber paddle shifter,

    4 buttons, 2 rotary buttons, 1 momentary 3 way switch, 1 standard 3 way switch.

    (3) CNC Aluminum Housing with authentic Carbon Fiber front panel.

    Introducing the CAMMUS GTS Racing Wheel with Button Box, a premium solution that combines comfort, functionality, and convenience for an unparalleled racing experience.

    Experience Premium Comfort The CAMMUS GTS Racing Wheel is designed with padded side handles, offering ultimate comfort even during extended racing sessions. Its ergonomic design reduces fatigue and enhances ease of use, allowing you to stay focused on the track. With a solid metal backing, this wheel exudes durability and quality craftsmanship.

    GTS steering wheel packing list:

    Model Material name Product specification Usage amount
    steering wheel
    GTS steering wheel 1
    HUB 1
    LOGO cover-B 1
    Quick release 1
    Receiver (Three-in-one needs, ordinary not) 1
    Shielded wire 1
    Packing box (GTS aircraft box) 1
    Round Head Screws M5*16/electrophoretic black 6
    Hexagon socket head screw M5*40 / electrophoresis black 6
    Wrench H3 1

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