Cammus DDWB 15Nm Direct Drive Wheelbase


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Cammus DDWB 15Nm 直驅基座

  • 15Nm扭矩直驅設計(Direct Drive)
  • 鋁合金方向盤 及 外層皮革手工縫製
  • 設有4按鈕, 2個旋轉鈕, 及2-Way Switch & 3-Way Switch各一
  • 簡易安裝式設計

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    CAMMUS DDWB 15Nm motor Direct drive base.

    With a staggering 15Nm of torque, the Cammus Racing Simulator Direct Drive propels your racing experience to a whole new level. Feel the raw force as this cutting-edge technology translates every subtle movement into realistic and responsive racing feedback, allowing you to truly feel the road beneath you.

    Install video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHG49CktAvo

    1. 15nm  Maximum Torque.
    2. 4 buttons, 2 rotary buttons, 1 momentary two-way switch, 1 three-way switch.
    3. Aluminum outer shell, active cooling fan in rear.

    Maximum torque is 15Nm
    Providing greater torque output

    Direct Drive System
    Get more sensitive and direct steering response

    Servo Motor
    Servo motor can realize the output of fixed angle, speed, and torque; And the servo motor control speed and position are more accurate and delicate.

    Real Racing Experience
    Adopting a direct drive system, a more sensitive and direct steering response can be obtained; The force feedback of the steering wheel will be more direct, faster, and closer to the real racing experience.

    Plug and Play
    Easy installation, quick to remove, and support diversified peripherals.

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