Cammus C5 Direct Drive Steering Wheel


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Cammus C5 直驅二合一方向盤

  • 全球首創免基座(Wheel Base)方向盤, 免卻不少組裝煩惱
  • 5Nm扭矩直驅設計(Direct Drive)
  • 鋁合金方向盤 及 外層皮革手工縫製
  • 3個旋轉鈕, 12個可編程按鈕
  • 換擋提示燈

*此產品需搭配桌面支架(Table Clamp)使用

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    The first ever global Direct Drive Steering Wheel! 

    • 5N.M Direct Drive Wheel – this unique and first ever wheel has its motor built into the rim of the wheel!
    • With a 280mm diameter and only a 67mm thick wheel, the C5 is sleek to use for all sorts of racing.
    • 3 rotary knobs, 8 buttons and 12 programmable push buttons

    C5 base packing list:

    Model Material name Product specification Usage amount
    C5 C5 Finished product 1
    MIX6-base T-bracket Processing according to the drawing (left and right) 2
    Hexagon socket head screw M6*12 / 304 black 4
    Cooling fan (turbo blower) 6015 / 24v, 3-wire speed control, connector XH2.54-3P 1
    Fan screw M3*16 , combination screw/cross head black 2
    Power Adapter 19V / 7.35A square port (two pins) 1
    Power cable 2M 1
    Square port USB cable 2M 1
    Phillips screwdriver 3*75 cross 1
    Allen wrench 4mm 1
    MIX6 packing box Processing according to the drawing 1
    Logistics box 1

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